At the prime of its technological breakthroughs, West Angeles as released yet another gift into the blogosphere:! The site launched on 1st Sunday, September 2, 2012, in preparation for New Generation Sunday This New Generation Sunday, September 23, 2012, will be centered around protecting our dreams and honoring the Legacy of Dreamers that Bishop Charles E. Blake has inspired within the Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries!

“Following in the footsteps of my father, Bishop Charles E. Blake’s

book, Dreamer’s Are Coming we wanted to make a website where people could feel comfortable in sharing their dreams and faith that the Lord would answer them,” says Elder Lawrence Blake. ”The goal of this site is to provide an outlet for people to ink their dreams and put technological pens to parchment,” says Young Adult Pastor, Elder Manuel Thomas. Children’s Director, Sis. Deloris Dunbar says, “I am so excited that this website has become available for dreamers. This is a forum for children to realize that dreams do come true. Dreams come directly from God and are to be protected and presented back to unto the Lord.”

“We praise God for Bishop and Lady Mae L. Blake who operate in a spirit of excellence in all that they do. The Children, Youth & Young Adult Ministries are offspring of great leadership. Never let go of your dream and remember that you are FREE TO DREAM in Christ Jesus” says the Youth Sector.

“Vision” from West Angeles COGIC on Vimeo.

Bishop Blake preaches this powerful sermon on Vision visit to watch the full version.